Tuttle Group Radio

Tuttle Group Radio launched in 2012. The show focuses on educating and empowering listeners on mortgages and achieving financial wellness.  Host Andy Tuttle has over ten years of experience in the mortgage industry, which is where he found passion for helping people. Convinced that just “doing loans” wasn’t the right thing to do, Andy forged ahead to find out everything he could about making prudent and suitable choices when it came to home ownership. He interviewed every great financial advisor and CPA he could find to understand everything he could about asset management and proper leverage. He has researched hundreds of books on the subject and dozens of philosophies to find the most effective wealth creation strategies for our generation and the next. He has developed systems and processes for educating and empowering his clients to make smarter decisions about home ownership. Andy is passionate about educating the public on how to think differently about their financial team and well-being and he works daily to dispel the “myth-conceptions” put out by all the “talking heads”.

andywebsite“I want to raise the financial intelligence in our market and help people have peace of mind about their finances.” said Andy Tuttle. “Also, I think people miss a lot of cool stuff that goes on in our community and I want to make sure they know about it. From great shows to great brunches, I want to getthe word out there about all the cool places in Dallas.”

“I’m most excited about being able to share my passion about helping people to use their mortgage as a financial instrument. The media says so many of the wrong things and as consumers we’re trained to ask the wrong questions that benefit the big guys. People need to know that there are important questions to ask way before you get to rate and cost and they need to know about the importance of building their own financial team.”


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