Meet the Team

andy tuttle

Andy Tuttle

Branch Manager | NMLS# 184325

Conducts Mortgage Planning Session with clients, overseas the process, and leads the team.
Special Talent: Can eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting.
Unique Quality: Former stuntman and drummer in a band.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Ripped my pants in front of a new intern and had her hem them before an afternoon event scheduled.


Ron Toye

Production Partner | NMLS #1372457

Creates rocks solid pre-approvals for clients. Realtor liaison throughout the process. Ensures clients close smoothly and on time.
Special Talent: Loves working 36 hours a day.
Unique Quality: Led a group of youth to renovate a church after Hurricane Katrina.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Ran away from cows and screamed like a baby.


Joe Robinett

Senior Mortgage Banker | NMLS #1013643


Coming soon!



Libby Yost

Loan Set-Up Specialist

Responsible for obtaining and reviewing application and documentation for new loans, renewals and modifications.
Special Talent: Amazing at Harry Potter trivia
Unique Quality: Is an identical twin
Most Embarrassing Moment: The only time I ever played racquetball, I hit myself in the face with my racket on the follow through


Dave Hiza

Loan Concierge

Handles all appointments and scheduling, and takes care of our clients from first contact through pre-approval.
Special Talent:
Unique Quality: 
Most Embarrassing Moment: